Any person wishing to receive services from Surgery on Sunday MUST have a primary care home. Any physician can refer a patient to Surgery on Sunday. If you do not have primary care, please refer to the Charitable Health Clinics tab above and seek treatment at a clinic in your area. Once you are established as a patient, the clinic will refer you to Surgery on Sunday for your surgical needs.


*Must not have any health insurance of any kind.
*Must not have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 38.
*Must live in the state of KY or not more than 250 miles from Lexington, KY.
*Must be 200% of poverty. Please click here to see if you qualify financially.
*Must have a primary care home. Please see Charitable Health Clinics tab above for a clinic in your area.


  1. Complete Referral Form (MUST be completed by physician)
  2. Complete Patient Information Form (To be completed by patient)
  3. Complete Release of Information Form
  4. Send copies of ALL pertinent Medical Records
  5. Complete Financial Verification (Financial information for everyone in the household)

*Referrals will NOT be processed until all information is received*

Waiting Lists can be long. Patients are triaged based on medical necessity. Surgery On Sunday will contact you as soon as possible in regards to preoperative appointments and surgery dates.


Surgery On Sunday will provide to all patients a preoperative appointment. One to two months after this appointment you can expect to be scheduled for your surgery. You will be given anywhere from one to three prescriptions after your surgery and will be responsible for the cost of these prescriptions. Follow-up appointments are typically within ten days after your surgery. You will be given the date and time of your follow-up appointment at your surgery.